Press Release: The New Investigative, Nonprofit News Source Tarbell Is Launching a Crowdfunding Campaign to Be Independent and Fearless

  • To help readers understand how large corporations,
    trade associations, and other large institutions affect
    their lives every day in ways very few people understand


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Columbia Journalism Review's Trudy Leiberman interviewed Tarbell's founder, Wendell Potter, about the stories Tarbell will tell, our sustainable business model and how Wendell's tenure in corporate PR brought him to start this venture. Click here to read.

WASHINGTON, DC USA -- PHARMA UPDATE NEWS SERVICE™ -- OCTOBER 21, 2017: Few people realize the control corporations and special interests have over the United States. Their influence on our government allows them to shape our society and our daily lives in ways that further only their interests, not the interests of the citizens our government was designed to serve.

It is distressing that this influence wielded by corporations and special interests faces so little scrutiny. The only way to combat their hidden control is for journalists to shine a bright light on where your interests are being undermined -- and help citizens understand how to fight back.

Meet Tarbell™. Our sole mission is to be your spotlight. We will answer only to you, our readers. Our investigative reporting will help you see how the powers that run America are working against your interests. Tarbell will be your trusted source -- and together we will improve our democracy and our country.

Ready to become a founding member of this new, dynamic journalism? Then join the movement to launch Tarbell, build a better America and a stronger democracy.


Wendell Potter spent his career helping corporate America lie to protect profits. Now, he's on the other side, launching Tarbell to give Americans a voice in a political debate dominated by special interests.


  • David Gerson, Founder and president of Beechwood Property Holdings
  • Aaron Master, Managing director of MCS International
  • Kim Pearson, Associate professor, Journalism and Professional Writing, The College of New Jersey
  • Chuck Smith-Dewey, Founder and CEO of
  • Douglas Smith, Executive director of Punch Sulzberger Program, Columbia University
  • Maria Vizcarrondo, The New Jersey Institute for Social Justice and the Latinas United for Political Empowerment
  • Carole Weintraub, Founder of Beaumont Staffing


  • Rob Barron, Arbitrator and Mediator
  • David Boardman, Dean of the School of Media and Mass Communication, Temple University
  • Bill Buzenberg, Journalist and former executive director of the Center for Public Integrity
  • Sebastian Esser, Editor of Krautreporter in Germany
  • Carol Gentry, Former Wall Street Journal reporter; founder of Health News Florida
  • Mark Glaser, Founder, publisher and executive editor of MediaShift
  • Keith Hammonds, President and COO of Solutions Journalism Network
  • David Jay, Attorney
  • Charles Lewis, Professor and executive editor, Investigative Reporting Workshop at American University; founder of the Center for Public Integrity
  • John Pudner, Executive director of Take Back Our Republic
  • David Thornburgh, President and CEO of the Philadelphia Committee of 70
  • Ethan Zuckerman, Director of the MIT Center for Civic Media


Tarbell is named in honor of Ida Tarbell, who was a Gilded Age reporter often credited with founding investigative journalism. She took on the corporate titans of her day and inspired many "muckraking" journalists. She inspired us.

Tarbell will be: Independent, nonprofit, digital, aggressive -- and largely funded by readers like you. It will report on the sectors where moneyed interests can make the most mischief, from health care and the food and beverage industries to energy, technology and financial services companies.