PRESS RELEASE: Download This eBrief to Help Make Your Case for Tighter Member Identity Management

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MODESTO, CA -- HEALTHCARE UPDATE NEWS SERVICE™ -- OCTOBER 11, 2017: MCOL's complimentary e-Brief, "Multiple Dimensions Make Identity Management a Challenge, But It's a Challenge Plans Must Meet," is now available for download.

Are you seeking to improve health plan member identity management? Download this eBrief from MCOL that will help arm you with key information to make the case at your organization. Given that individual health plan member contact information has a 1 in 4 chance of being incorrect, it is critical that your organization recognizes the current state of member identity flux. There is a tremendous degree of physical movement; there are more cell phone numbers than people in the United States, and the number of job changes, name changes, and relocations all combine to make the currency and accuracy of existing member contact information questionable at best.

Social determinants of health are the X factor needed to identify who needs help and how to help them achieve optimal health. The X factors includes things like social isolation or engagement, community life, economic stability, a person's neighborhood and surrounding environment, and education. Identity insight and management solutions will be critical to ensure the right approach for the right member but, more importantly, to securely house and validate identity data. Identity management techniques discussed in this complimentary eBrief can be critical to ensuring all operational processes and players within the care payment and delivery setting can link the right information for each individual.

The quality of member identity data has never been more important and is essential for meeting the challenges of customer-focused member management. This complimentary eBrief explores the many facets of member identity management and the unique competencies that are critical to so many areas of your health plan's business operation.