Press Release: Check, and Check, & Triple Check! The Discipline of Member Identity Intelligence - On-Demand Webinar

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MODESTO, CA -- HEALTHCARE UPDATE NEWS SERVICE™ -- AUGUST 18, 2017: Member identity is the life blood of any risk-bearing industry. The many facets of a member's identity can impact compliance, outcomes, overall benefit program effectiveness, and engagement strategies. Considering the criticality of identity data, many health plans nevertheless struggle to identify, aggregate and analyze information in a holistic manner. The price of focusing on new benefit programs, care payment models and care coordination may be too often paid for by the lack of 'blocking & tackling' processes in ensuring data integrity within member identity insight. This creates risk over time. Failure to concurrently enhance discovery and insight into new dimensions of member identity can directly impact sustainability.

This On-Demand Webinar explores the complexities of member identity and its layers of multi-dimensionality and methods within the industry to weave this information across the business operational continuum. Participants will be pushed to both redefine desired informational outcomes from identity data, but also understand the opportunities to augment in-house data with other public and proprietary data resources. The health plan workflow will be illustrated from an at-risk versus optimized setting based upon a scale of identity intelligence development. Insight into past experiences and critical components for success in leveraging data resources & practices, without compromising administrative or claims systems, are explored within the context of:

  • Differentiating enrollment insight versus performance insight
  • Positioning for 'next gen' health payer-provider collaboration
  • A platform to evolve the entire enterprise from reactive to proactive
  • Leveraging discovery techniques within the care delivery arenas that can be automated to impact deeper member insight for the plan
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Rick Ingraham
Director Vertical Markets, LexisNexis Risk Solutions

Erin Benson
Director Market Planning, LexisNexis Risk Solutions