PRESS RELEASE: The Accountable Care Directory 2017: Organizational Directory and Executive Profiles with Contact and Summary ACO Info

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MODESTO, CA -- HEALTHCARE UPDATE NEWS SERVICE™ -- FEBRUARY 11, 2017: The ideal resource for collaborating, networking, recruiting, marketing or monitoring of Accountable Care Organizations. The Accountable Care Directory 2017 incorporates updated information and extensive updates including the new 2017 Medicare ACOs, as well as new commercial ACOs. The Directory is available as a 714 page softcover book, or in electronic pdf format, and encompasses:

    Organizational Directory of 675 selected ACOs, including Next Generation, standard MSSP, MSSP AIM, MSSP SNF Waiver, and MSSP Advanced models and applicable Tracks and start dates for Medicare ACOs as of date of publication; plus a wide range of ACOs serving selected Commercial and other populations. Contact and summary information is provided for each organization, along with a listing of key individuals with leadership or operational involvement. 3,356 of these individuals are listed, with direct phone and email contact information when available.

    Executive Profiles providing contact and biographical information for 231 executives and thought leaders involved with Accountable Care representing a wide range of organizations including provider organizations, health plans, research organizations, solutions providers and others.

    Indexes for convenient navigation and reference organized six different ways

    Database in Microsoft Excel is also available, only for purchasers of the Directory, for an additional $285 that provides the organization and employee contact information including mailing address, phone, web, and fax/email (fax/email when available). The database is subject to applicable terms and conditions of use. Package options include Book and Database, PDF and Database, or Book, PDF and Database.

As Accountable Care Organizations are often technically structured as virtual organizations, utilizing established PHO or other provider networks and network management, applicable contact and summary information, as well as the specific executives and other individuals involved with the ACO can be difficult to research and accurately identify.

Leverage MCOL's HealthQuest Publishers' Accountable Care Directory 2017 to help fulfill your business objectives in the Accountable Care environment in 2017 and beyond!

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