Press Release: Here's What Is in the November 2017 Issue of Life Science Compliance Update. To See What LSC Update Is All About, Download the Sample June 2017 Issue Now.

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WASHINGTON, DC USA -- PHARMA UPDATE NEWS SERVICE™ -- NOVEMBER 7, 2017: This month, Life Science Compliance Update has a SPECIAL ISSUE devoted to FOCUS ON THE PATIENT. To open the issue, we explore the critical issue of ACCESS TO MEDICINE and the growing impact of CORRUPTION and what the pharmaceutical industry can do to the help. Continuing the theme of access, we examine the changing environment around EXPANDED PATIENT ACCESS to INVESTIGATIONAL MEDICINESand the balancing act this causes for life science companies.

Next, we continue our series EXPANDING THE FRONTIER examining how companies should consider working with PATIENT ADVOCACY GROUPSand the impact of the latest ENFORCEMENT decisions in the AEGERIONcases. Finally, we round out this issue with a look at the latest TRANSPARENCY developments including new OPEN PAYMENTS data, new initiatives in SOUTH KOREA and CANADA, and finally the latest STATE and LOCAL government efforts to expand transparency requirements.


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