MARCH 11, 2017

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Health Care HR Week: March 12 - 18, 2017
The week of March 12 - 18, 2017, has been designated to recognize human resources professionals in health care organizations across the nation for their important role across the continuum of care. Tagging @ASHHRA on Facebook or Twitter, using the hashtag #hchrweek. Here are suggested activities:

    Sunday, March 12: Unique HR Request Day
    Discover the most unique requests you and your colleagues in HR have ever received (without revealing any confidential information, of course!), and discuss how you addressed the request.

    Monday, March 13: Know Your Health Care HR Professional Day
    Hold a contest using a brief questionnaire to ask hospital employees around the organization to define the responsibilities of the HR department. The top three winners will receive a prize.

    Tuesday, March 14: Learn Together: FMLA2.0 Webinar
    Gather your team to glean some thoughtful insight on navigating the ever changing FMLA regulations and discuss the delicate relationship of FMLA and ADAAA within the process. This webinar is free for ASHHRA members!

    Wednesday, March 15: Hospital Wellness Day
    HR staff could set up tables to talk about health and fitness, invite suppliers on healthy foods, exercise, stress management, etc.; offer incentive for participating. Find a community/local charity and set aside time to work together to volunteer.

    Thursday, March 16: Luncheon Celebration
    Hold a luncheon in your organization to celebrate the work of the HR professional and have others in the organization meet the HR staff.

    Friday, March 17: Cover-Me-for-Lunch Day
    For an hour and a half, the HR non-managers and managers switch jobs for a day; the goal is to learn what the other does day to day and gain a greater appreciation for one another.

    Saturday, March 18: Career Share Day
    Invite the community to your organization for a career fair that includes career development activities such as resume writing, interviewing skills, networking strategies, seminars on getting hired, how to shine, turning a no into a yes, etc., or visit a school to talk about careers in health care HR.

50 Things to Know about Hospital Staffing
Early in 2016 there were huge hospital layoffs, but in December hospitals added more than 10,000 jobs. Here are 50 things to know about hospital staffing, culture and nurse leadership salary.

Recruiter: 9 in 10 Physicians Got Signing Bonuses in 2016
In response to continuing high demand for clinicians, the average amount of signing bonuses in 2016 rose 4.8% from the previous year, according to The Medicus Firm. Organizations recruiting physicians and advance practice clinicians in 2016 were very likely to sweeten the pot with generous signing bonuses a national search firm specializing in permanent placement of physicians. Nearly 90% of clinicians (87.4%) hired through the firm received a signing bonus last year, up from 68% in 2015. Among physicians, 90.4% of placements included a signing bonus.

The Nursing Shortage? It's Complicated
A Workforce Data Analysis Predicts a National Nursing Surplus of 340,000 Registered Nurses by 2025. But There is More to this Story.

The United States is on the verge of a nursing surplus. Yes, you read that right. Data from the December 2014 report on the future of nursing issued by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Health Resources and Services Administration, estimates that in 2025 there will be a surplus of 340,000 full time equivalent registered nurses.

Employees, Political Advocacy and the NLRB - What Can an Employer Do?
In the first few weeks of the Trump Presidency, there have been numerous marches, protests and other forms of political advocacy expressing views both in support of and in opposition to the President's various appointments, executive orders and other actions. Employers concerned about protests potentially planned for the next few months and political advocacy in general understandably have questions surrounding how political demonstrations may affect their workplaces. This article addresses questions employers may have regarding this general strike and ongoing protests, such as: What if some of our workforce calls out? Can we refuse employees a day off to "strike" for these purposes? Can we discipline and/or fire them for taking the day off? If not, can we still count the absence as unexcused? And what if we have a CBA in place with a "no strike" clause?


Labor & Employment Issues Facing the Healthcare Industry
This paper is intended to provide healthcare employers with an overview of key labor and employment issues facing the industry. Topics include traditional labor law issues, business restructuring, employment discrimination, whistleblower claims, wage and hour matters, workplace safety, federal contract compliance, negligent hiring, antitrust and price fixing claims, potential concerns stemming from credentialing and peer review, and doctor privilege and immunity matters. To read the Littler Report, please click here.

PayScale: Average Salary for Industry: Health Insurance

Inside the Gender Pay Gap: The Truth about Women, Work and Equal Pay
What is the gender pay gap? The story you think you know -- that women earn 76 cents on the dollar compared to men -- doesn't paint a complete picture. PayScale's latest report, Inside the Gender Pay Gap, is packed with data to help you learn the whole truth about women, work, and pay equity.

For a complimentary PayScale benchmark analysis for a position of your choice, please email BenG@payscale.com.

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