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WASHINGTON DC, USA -- HEALTHCARE UPDATE NEWS SERVICE™ -- MARCH 15, 2017: AIS Health newsletters are your guide to help you navigate the ACA replacement plan.

  • How will the 20 million+ who found coverage through the Affordable Care Act get insurance in a post-ACA world?
  • Will carriers be able to sell across state lines -- and how would this change the competitive landscape?
  • Will federal premium subsidies disappear -- and what will replace them?
  • Will the Trump administration follow through on threats to reduce drug prices?
  • How will block grants impact Medicaid managed care firms and hospitals that care for Medicaid patients?
  • Will the Medicare Advantage and Part D programs see rapid growth under Republican leadership?
  • What will happen to value-based care initiatives?

Be prepared for the rapid transformation that lies ahead for the health care industry! With timely news and advice from experts -- and insightful analysis of exactly what this will mean for your business and what you should do about it -- AIS Health will provide you with a competitive edge in the tumultuous days ahead. Subscribe today!

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