Announcing Health Affairs Insider

  • Health Affairs Insider, a membership offering exclusive access to content beyond the journal
  • Memberships will be available starting May 24

Health Affairs Insider is separate from the peer-reviewed journal content you access with a Health Affairs subscription. Health Affairs will now have three levels of access:

WASHINGTON DC USA -- HEALTHCARE UPDATE NEWS SERVICE™ -- MAY 24, 2022: Health Affairs has announced the launch of Health Affairs Insider, a membership offering exclusive access to content beyond the journal.

Health Affairs Insider memberships will be available starting May 24.

For decades, readers equated Health Affairs with Health Affairs, the leading peer-reviewed journal at the intersection of health, health care, and policy. Today, Health Affairs is so much more. From daily commentary and analysis on Forefront, to comprehensive policy briefs, to podcasts and events, you have come to expect more high-quality content from us.

Health Affairs' commitment to you is to remain a leader in scholarly publishing while achieving our broad mission of bringing evidence to health policy.


Health Affairs Insider is a membership community that includes exclusive news from Health Affairs, entry to our growing portfolio of virtual events, curated email newsletters on priority health policy topics, a special gift for joining and one every year you renew, and more.

Health Affairs Insiders will get:

  • Timely, comprehensive, forward-looking content supported by high-quality data on a broad range of health topics
  • Expert analysis and curated perspectives that go beyond what is published in the pages of Health Affairs
  • An insider network with an esteemed community of peers
  • Information delivered in formats that meet your needs—articles, events, podcasts, newsletters, email alerts, videos, charts, and more

You rely on Health Affairs for timely analysis of the very latest in health policy. Insider will give us the freedom and flexibility to continue to add new content and products for our most dedicated users and readers.

Currently over 70 percent of our content, including our daily digital publication Health Affairs Forefront, is freely available—and we’d like to keep it that way for you and others. Your support will enable us to continue providing a platform for diverse voices and perspectives in health policy.

Health Affairs a non-profit and operate thanks to funding and subscriptions. It is only through the support of professionals like you that Health Affairs can continue providing the in-depth, influential content that drives policy insight.

Health Affairs is delighted to introduce this new membership program and we hope you share in our excitement. As always, we welcome your comments and promise to keep listening to the requests of our readers for how we can better serve our community through all our Health Affairs resources.


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