A new Americares program using Deviceless RPM is helping clinics reach more patients to have greater impact

Across Texas, Missouri, Maryland, and North Carolina five free and charitable clinics worked with CareSignal to provide Deviceless Remote Monitoring® (RPM) for diabetes and social determinants of health for their uninsured/low-income patient populations.

"Since joining the Americares program, our patients have received over 10,000 touchpoints that would not have been possible without this collaboration." - Ivan Esquivel, Clinic Director

"I love receiving the text messages as they remind me to check my blood sugar two times a day, which helps me keep my sugars within normal range. Bottom line...these reminders are keeping me on track. I have changed my eating habits and so far have lost nearly 20 pounds." - Patient
In addition to improved health outcomes and patient self management, with Deviceless RPM the clinics operated more efficiently with automated outreach which enabled care teams to identify at-risk patients and deliver proactive care.
  • 2,000+ Social Determinant Need Identified
  • 78% of Patients Engaged after 10 Months
  • 2.5% Reduction in eHbA1c >9% at baseline (n=51)
Learn how CareSignal is enabling the Americares clinics to focus on increasing health equity and operating efficiency with Deviceless Remote Patient Monitoring.

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